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Kevin Beck

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Sonoran Gold

Sonoran Gold
Oil on Board (15 x 30)
Sonoran Magic

Sonoran Magic
Oil on Board (16 x 8 framed 20.5 x 12.5)

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Artist Biography

I am an observer. For as long as I can remember I've been blessed with strong visual memories of time, place and feelings; how a certain rock sets at the edge of a field in Holmes County, how the trees are sculpted by the wind in Arroyo Hondo or the way the mist swirls down from the ridge top in Finca la Swisse. I paint in an attempt to express my feelings about these visions.

I have honed my craft and developed my "eye" by painting thousands of works on hundreds of yards of canvas and paper over years of dedicated work. My journey of seeing and learning continues with each painting.

Most of my work is painted on location. These on location works have tended to be smaller in size - permitting the recording of the essence of the moment in one sitting. These field-works are either "studies" or completed paintings. Smaller works then serve as a visual reference source for my larger studio paintings.

I have great respect for the craft of painting and as such I am a constant student. I work with the best materials available to create works of lasting value not only for my collectors but also for my own sense of satisfaction.

I was born in rural Ohio in 1951. Since the mid 1980s I have lived in North Carolina. My painting subjects span the USA and international locations

Kevin  Beck

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