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Jeremy Newman

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Twilight Platter ~ Terra Cotta

Twilight Platter ~ Terra Cotta
Glass (24" )

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Artist Biography

Our work is influenced by the natural world and our role within the environment. We look to the landscapes in our rural mountain valley for inspiration. In the presence of nature, there is absence, where the mind can wander over the open spaces and find a sense of calm. This is where the images of our work are derived; the patch of Aspen on an otherwise empty hillside, a fence line protruding from a field of snow, a night sky bathed in a full moon. They are simple, abstract compositions that allow the viewer to read their own interpretation into the piece. Through our work we are able to explore and deepen our connection with our environment. Our work is meant to remind people of our interconnection with nature, with each other, and with our collective past.

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