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Terry Rein

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Silver Maple

Silver Maple
Wood (3 x 5 x 5 )

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Artist Biography

About the Work...
I believe every piece of wood contains the unique environmental history of a small part of the world. Wood speaks of drought, rainy seasons, wind, birds, animals, and insects. Wood may also speak of human interactions; of pruning, nailing, and sometimes target practice. I turn the wood on a lathe and use hand-held tools to expose that history. I strive to make a form that delicately and completely reveals the history of the wood.

About the Artist...

Terry Rein was born in New Mexico in 1953. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Humboldt State University in 1975. She has worked in the commercial printing industry in Los Angeles, in Northern California lumber mills, and as a cabinetmaker and finish carpenter. Terry hand printed limited edition lithographs at Trillium Graphics in San Francisco for five years. She owned and operated Rhinoceros Custom Framing for seven years, serving artists and galleries in San Francisco. She proudly served as a City of Berkeley police officer for ten years, retiring in 2001.

Terry took a one-day introductory course in woodturning in 2001, and was instantly captivated by the interior mysteries of wood. She opened T Rein, a custom woodworking shop in San Francisco. In 2004, Terry moved her workshop to Amado, AZ.

Terry Rein

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