Fred Collins

Formally trained as an engineer and raised with the influence of his older artist brother, the late John Silk Deckard; whose powerful sculptures are in many private collections and museums across the country, Collins began his own studies in the late sixties by direct contact with artists, studying great works of art in Europe and America and painting daily. In the late 90's Fred moved from a highly successful career in Engineering to being a full time artist. Almost immediately he produced masterfully polished paintings centered on Zen moods; quiet and simple. When deciding shapes to include, he recognized that spherical shapes represented both the largest and smallest shapes present in the universe and that water takes on that shape. He also began painting the dramatic landscapes around him, never losing sight of the sphere and the all importance of our most precious resource, water. Behind the wit and charm of his diverse images lies a strong sense of tradition and influence of the illuminist, surrealist and super realism movements, which are sharpened and tempered by Collins keen intellect. The titles of Collins works are often amusingly piquant and in every instance they accurately reinforce the imagery itself.
Current works by Fred Collins in our inventory include:

After the Rain Alone TogetherBreak in the Weather
Cactus DewDesert RoseDouble Trouble
Fad Diet FetchGo with the Flow
Good Hare DayGood Vacation IIHorsing Around
Inside a RainbowMysteriousNo Bull
Ocean FixRain in ArizonaSalute
Shadows of Our PastSocial MediaSteppin' Out
Steppin' OutThe Future of Fresh Water IIThe Self Employed
The TricksterThirsty First MonsoonTravels with a Drop of Water
Tumacacori Mountain, Christmas 2016Tumacacori WinterWe Can't Go on Meeting Like This
WetZen Mood 12

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