Barbara Meikle

Barbara Meikle


Barbara Meikle is an artist who paints the simple world outside of her door in Tesuque, a village on the outskirts of Santa Fe, New Mexico. With each brushstroke she brings alive the charm of the burro at her neighbors, the bird perched on Ruthie, her mini-mule, or the horses racing in the pasture. The view down the arroyo, or the mountains in the distance come alive in vivid shades of pink and purple, ocher and brown. Stunningly colorful clouds become a focal point of the New Mexico desert landscape, giving drama and brilliance to a land some have called brown and drab.


Meikle has been an artist from childhood, sketching the horses she loved and took care of in order to ride. True to her art, in college she earned a BA in painting and printmaking at the University of Denver and studied watercolor at Cambridge University in England. Her dream was always to make her living as an artist, and in 1990 she returned to New Mexico, her home state, to pursue that dream.


Barbara Meikle's art may project peace and harmony exemplified as a colorful burro, or explode in the riot of energy of galloping horses. Enveloping skies of yellow, pink and white may hover over a majestic dark blue mountain that smolders with mystery, or stalks of prayerful flowers may reach for distant stars in an attitude of happy reverence. The views out her door may be of New Mexico, but her work speaks of a larger vision.


Explore the world as seen through the eyes of an artist who has found the soul of the mundane and glorified it. Explore the world through the eyes of Barbara Meikle.


“Joyful, bold, vibrant expressions are an integral aspect of Barbara Meikle’s work and her mission is to provide art that is at once uplifting and joyful.”







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